Frequently Asked Questions

Storage Questions
  • Chevron down What is the latest/earliest you can splash your boat?
  • Contact us or ask the ship store.

  • Chevron down What happens if I come back after close?
  • You can leave the vessel on d-dock and the dockhands will put it away in the morning.

  • Chevron down What’s included with a dry storage contract?
  • Hull rinse, engine flush, battery switch on/off, pull drain plug when dry, use of detail rack upon request when available, unlimited in/out service.

  • Chevron down What amenities does Salty Sam’s Marina offer?
  • Salty Sam’s offers the following; Pump out at dock, water at pedestal, wi-fi, laundry services, showers, gas/diesel, ship store, full service shop.

Service Questions
  • Chevron down How often should I have my engine serviced?
  • Our routine maintenance is always recommended annually or every 100 hours, which ever should come first.

  • Chevron down What does your routine maintenance include?
  • Our maintenance is based on how many hours are on the engine and/or how old the motor is. Each manufacturer recommends certain items be checked/replaced at different intervals. Our service department follows each recommendation and our records are well kept to ensure the engine/boat receives the proper service.

  • Chevron down I am gone for at least four months out of the year. What should I do with the boat while it sits for this period of time?
  • If your boat will be sitting for three months or more without use, I would recommend the engine get “summarized”. This service package prevents engine failure during long term storage.

  • Chevron down How often should I have my boat cleaned?
  • The boat should be cleaned after each use to avoid the salt deposits from ruining the vessel. A salt away solution and water softener is what our detail department uses to avoid this.

  • Chevron down How often should I have the boat waxed?
  • Due to the harsh Florida environment we recommend the boat be waxed at least once every three months. This will protect and prolong the life of your gel coat and keep the boat looking in tip top shape.

  • Chevron down Is there something I should be flushing my engine with other then just fresh water?
  • We recommend flushing your engines with a salt away solution every time the boat is removed from the water. Salty Sams offers a salt away flush to all dry storage customers.

  • Chevron down How do you prevent mildew from getting all over the boat?
  • We use moisture control bags that prevents mildew from starting. We offer a monthly mildew and odor protection package for all storage customers.

  • Chevron down If my boat sits in the water all the time, how often should I have the bottom cleaned?
  • First off, if the boat is kept in the water all the time the bottom hull should be painted with an anti-fouling paint to prevent growth of barnacles. During the summer months we recommend the bottom be cleaned every 3-4 weeks. As the water cools down it can be done every 5-6 weeks.