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Boat Services

Contact The Service Department

Phone: 239-224-4200 or toll free at 888-796-6427 Ext. 118
Fax: 239-463-9144

Our hours of operation are Monday through Friday from 7:00 am until 4:00 pm. Weekend appointments are by availability and appointment only. Salty Sam’s Service Department offers expert service of the following brands:

Phone: 239-224-4200 or toll free at 888-796-6427 Ext. 118
Fax: 239-463-9144

Please email us at to get in contact with us. Thank you!


This package is important for all of our seasonal customers. During long storage periods, engine conditioning is recommended to help ensure a strong start on your return as well as to protect your motor from damage caused by stagnant fluids and seawater. This service will treat your fuel and fuel pump/carburetor to keep it clean and varnish free, your cylinders will be fogged to prevent corrosion and maintain viscosity, and we will disconnect your battery system to help maintain the life of your batteries.

Extended Warranty Program

We offer a comprehensive extended warranty protection plan through Passport Premiere designed to enhance the manufacturer’s limited warranty providing coverage against the failure of nearly all mechanical parts of your new watercraft engine(s). These areas of coverage include transmission, drive shaft housing, cooling systems, steering, fuel systems, electrical, power trim, controls, refrigerators, and air conditioners to name a few. Contact us today for more information on keeping your boat and engines covered beyond your manufacturer’s warranty.

Annual Service

This package is recommended annually or per hours of use, as indicated in your owners’ manual. We perform a thorough service on all components as directed by the manufacturer. This typically includes fluid and filter changes, fuel hose, spark plug, cooling system, ignition system, steering and shifting system inspections, as well as the replacement of parts per factory requirements to keep you within the parameters of your warranty guidelines. In addition to keeping a large catalog of stocked parts, we also provide access to Mercury Parts Express for our customers who would like to order parts from home.

Bottom Painting

We also offer bottom painting using premium Interlux Marine Paint. Give us a call for information and pricing for your vessel.

Captain’s Package

Due to the new additives in fuel (methanol), it is highly recommended to run your engine at least once every two months to help avoid potential damage to your fuel system. This is a new package designed for all customers who would like us to run their vessel periodically to ensure that it remains in good running condition for their arrival with family or clients. Additionally, we can also top off your fuel, water, check livewell/baitwell operation, or arrange a pump out at your request in anticipation of your return.

Back in Service

This package applies to seasonal customers, and can be performed on a boat that has or has not been summerized. Within a few weeks of your return, contact our department to schedule this service to make sure that you can rely on your boat to run well upon your arrival. During a back in service, the summerization process is reversed and the boat is taken for a test run to verify motor functionality and to briefly inspect your electrical systems (radio, VHF, running lights, etc). We can also perform this service on a boat that has not been summerized, but this may include a variety of additional tasks to get your vessel running strong again such as carburetor cleaning, spark plug change, oil change, fuel filter change, etc. depending on how long it was dormant without the proper storage preparation. Additional services are available upon request from detailing to generator service and repair.